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dog and yarnIf you are reading this page then chances are you are the owner of a pet or know someone close to you who is. Our pets are a source of love, affection, joy, and fun trips to the vet. Most of us remember and display our pets in many ways such as a picture at a prime location on a bookcase or table, a picture album, and yes, on social media such as Facebook.

Whether your pet is still with you giving you enjoyment, or is a fond memory, Petghans provides you with another way to enjoy, remember, or immortalize your pet. Have him or her crocheted into an afghan. A Petghan! Just send us a picture of your dog, cat, parrot, pet rock or whatever and I will do the rest. Everyone likes cuddling with their pet. You can still keep warm with your furry friend, even if he or she is no longer there, by curling up on the sofa wrapped in your Petghan!

Recent Testimonial:

This Petghan is so incredibly beautiful....time stopped when I first laid eyes on it and then, once I got my breath, the tears came.  It REALLY seemed that Zeus was looking right back at me.  How did you capture his soul? -Kelli

For this and other testimonials please visit our feedback page! See Zeus

Please check out the rest of my site to see pictures comparing pet pics to Petghan pics, how the process works, gallery of other pics, and frequently asked questions. Please use our request form to the right to get more info.

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