Before and After!

Below are some pics of pets next to a pic of the Petghan that was created from the picture.

People always say they like to save the best for last but lets start with the most incredible Petghan yet. Meet Zeus, a beautiful dog memorialized in a beautiful Petghan.




Next is my own favorite pet, Dr Miller! As you can see I am able to remove objects such as furniture and dirty feet.


Dr Miller


And here we have Angel!




Meet Maggiemay!




Monkey – What a cutie :-)




Moody was a very special cat, loved by her owners.  She passed away about a year ago.  Moody’s “mom” thought a Petghan would be a nice Father’s Day present for Moody’s “dad”. 




“Ollie” was given to Sarah E. as a high school graduation gift from her parents.  Sarah can’t take the real Ollie to college with her, but at least she’ll have her Petghan :-)




Tampa’s Petghan – both the original pic and his Petghan



Noel's pic. Meet Noel!



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