Maureen showed this to me the moment she finished it earlier this evening. Needless to say I was immediately taken aback... and the tears began. Lots of tears...for many reasons. First, because its the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen.

Deb Long


This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!  You did an awesome job, Maureen.  I can’t wait to see it in person.  I would call you to scream my excitement, but it is 5:00AM.

- Nancy B’s comment after seeing a picture of her Petghan


“He was amazed at your talent. And, he’s sure I did not pay you enough! And, he said that there was no way to pay you enough for such an awesome gift! You, my sweet friend, helped make one man very, very happy!”

-Wife’s comment after her husband received his Petghan for Christmas!


“Maureen’s Petghan was by far the best gift I have ever gotten for Christmas! I am amazed at her workmanship and attention to details.  And, after 2 years, the petghan looks new!  This is a great gift for any pet lover.”

-Sarah G, Petghan owner


Maureen… Curt loved it you did a great job!!!! Looks just like Roland!!!

- Terri Fell Jones (Gave husband a Petghan for Christmas)

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