The Process of Creating a Petghan

First making a template from a picture

petghan template


Here are pics of Percy's progress

progress 1

progress 2

progress 3

progress 4


                progress 5     percy done



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Maureen showed this to me the moment she finished it earlier this evening. Needless to say I was immediately taken aback... and the tears began. Lots of tears...for many reasons. First, because its the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen.

Deb Long


This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!  You did an awesome job, Maureen.  I can’t wait to see it in person.  I would call you to scream my excitement, but it is 5:00AM.

- Nancy B’s comment after seeing a picture of her Petghan


“He was amazed at your talent. And, he’s sure I did not pay you enough! And, he said that there was no way to pay you enough for such an awesome gift! You, my sweet friend, helped make one man very, very happy!”

-Wife’s comment after her husband received his Petghan for Christmas!


“Maureen’s Petghan was by far the best gift I have ever gotten for Christmas! I am amazed at her workmanship and attention to details.  And, after 2 years, the petghan looks new!  This is a great gift for any pet lover.”

-Sarah G, Petghan owner


Maureen… Curt loved it you did a great job!!!! Looks just like Roland!!!

- Terri Fell Jones (Gave husband a Petghan for Christmas)

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are some Petghan facts…

– Petghans are crocheted from the bottom up.

– There are over 35,000 stitches in a Petghan.

– There could be over 30 balls of yarn attached to a Petghan during construction.

– Petghans are machine washable and dryable.
- Another Petghan fact…..Even though there are lots of yarn color changes in a Petghan, there are no knots!  All the ends are securely woven in on the back of the blanket.

Below are pics of a Petghan in the process of being created and also a front and back view.

Magiemay in the process     Front and Back

Other Questions

How do you create your Petghans?

Petghans are created from an existing photo of your pet.  The photo is uploaded into our design program where we create a pattern and color scheme.  Lettering can also be added according to your preference.

I only have a black and white photo of my pet.  Can you still make a colored Petghan??

Of course!  I have done Petghans from a black and white photo.  After the initial design is created, you can give input on colors and any additional design changes you would like.  If you wish to have a full color Petghan, we can make it happen!

How much do Petghans cost?

Petghans vary in cost due to design time, cost of materials, and labor time.  The average cost of a Petghan is around $300 from start to finish (plus applicable shipping costs).  Petghans can also be made as Petpillows!  Please get in touch with us via our contact page for a quote.  A $50 deposit is due upon ordering and the balance can be paid at completion.

How long will it take for me to receive my Petghan?

Once the design has been confirmed, we estimate that your Petghan will be shipped in a month.  Once you receive a quote, we can give you a firm estimate of completion.

I spilled coffee on my Petghan! What do I do?

Don’t fret! Petghans are machine washable and can be put in the dryer (low heat setting!).  Or, you can spot clean your Petghan with color safe cleaner.

I love your work but I don’t have a pet! Can I order something other than a Petghan?

We take all types of orders: traditional afghans, baby afghans, baby clothes, and much more!  Contact us with your idea and we will send you pictures of past work.

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Before and After!

Below are some pics of pets next to a pic of the Petghan that was created from the picture.

People always say they like to save the best for last but lets start with the most incredible Petghan yet. Meet Zeus, a beautiful dog memorialized in a beautiful Petghan.




Next is my own favorite pet, Dr Miller! As you can see I am able to remove objects such as furniture and dirty feet.


Dr Miller


And here we have Angel!




Meet Maggiemay!




Monkey – What a cutie :-)




Moody was a very special cat, loved by her owners.  She passed away about a year ago.  Moody’s “mom” thought a Petghan would be a nice Father’s Day present for Moody’s “dad”. 




“Ollie” was given to Sarah E. as a high school graduation gift from her parents.  Sarah can’t take the real Ollie to college with her, but at least she’ll have her Petghan :-)




Tampa’s Petghan – both the original pic and his Petghan



Noel's pic. Meet Noel!



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About Maureen

Maureen has been crocheting for the past 30 years!  She began making Petghans after searching for a unique gift to give her newly married daughter.  She began graphing photos and developing patterns to make her beautiful creations!  In 2005, she started crocheting full time and works completely off of commissions.

When Maureen isn’t crocheting, she loves playing her tenor sax, watching westerns with her husband, and cooking with her three kids.  Oh, and she loves to spend time with her first petghan “model” and grand-puppy, Dr. Miller.

Maureen and Erica     Maureen showing Molly

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Welcome to Petghans!

dog and yarnIf you are reading this page then chances are you are the owner of a pet or know someone close to you who is. Our pets are a source of love, affection, joy, and fun trips to the vet. Most of us remember and display our pets in many ways such as a picture at a prime location on a bookcase or table, a picture album, and yes, on social media such as Facebook.

Whether your pet is still with you giving you enjoyment, or is a fond memory, Petghans provides you with another way to enjoy, remember, or immortalize your pet. Have him or her crocheted into an afghan. A Petghan! Just send us a picture of your dog, cat, parrot, pet rock or whatever and I will do the rest. Everyone likes cuddling with their pet. You can still keep warm with your furry friend, even if he or she is no longer there, by curling up on the sofa wrapped in your Petghan!

Recent Testimonial:

This Petghan is so incredibly beautiful....time stopped when I first laid eyes on it and then, once I got my breath, the tears came.  It REALLY seemed that Zeus was looking right back at me.  How did you capture his soul? -Kelli

For this and other testimonials please visit our feedback page! See Zeus

Please check out the rest of my site to see pictures comparing pet pics to Petghan pics, how the process works, gallery of other pics, and frequently asked questions. Please use our request form to the right to get more info.

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